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New Third Edition

Governmental Budgeting Workbook
By David L. Baker
California State University, San Bernardino
ISBN: 9781942456001
Published March 2015
Price: $20.00 ( + shipping)

Two new case studies added:

  • Budgetary Ethics
  • Budgetary Obligations

Now with writeable PDFs and word doc files of all the assignment sheets, the Governmental Budgeting Workbook is ideally suited for online courses. Available here

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New Second Edition

Physical Anthropology Lab Manual
By Janice Austin
Santa Monica College
ISBN: 9780972441995
Published February 2015
Price: $21.00 (+ shipping)

  • Labs can be taught in any order to accomodate different teaching styles
  • Takes a hands-on approach with exercises where students work directly on specimens rather than with photographs of specimens
  • Extensive coverage of comparative primate anatomy and locomotor patterns, human osteology, and forensic skeletal analysis
  • An abundance of line drawings which clearly point out the morphological features under discussion
  • Instructor's Guide provides step by step help on setting up labs and answer sheets for all assignments

New Fifth Edition

Public Personnel Administration

By N. Joseph Cayer & Meghna Sabharwal
ISBN: 978-0-9724419-8-8
Published March 2013
Price: $36.00
(+ shipping)

In an era of "doing more with less," public personnel managers face constantly changing pressures and concerns. This fifth edition of Public Personnel Administration explores legal aspects of public personnel administration, and controversies over affirmative action, sexual harrassment, ethical conflicts, health care and pension costs, and collective bargaining. It also addresses the implications of changing demographics and technology, controversies over sexual orientation and employment, privacy, and violence in the workplace.

Table of Contents (PDF file)


New Third Edition

Public Administration:
Social Change and Adaptive Management

By N. Joseph Cayer, David L. Baker and Louis F. Weschler
ISBN: 978-0-9724419-5-7
Published November 2009
Price: $30.00 (+ $4.00 shipping)

  • Expanded coverage of entrepreneurship, collaboratives, and public-private partnerships, as emerging organizational approaches
  • Summary of the 2009 required competencies for accredited MPA programs adopted by the Nastional Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA)

Table of Contents and Preface (PDF file)



Women of Color in Leadership:
Taking Their Rightful Place

Edited By Richard Greggory Johnson III & G.L.A. Harris
ISBN 978-09724419-6-4
Published March 15, 2010
Price: $32.00 (+ $4.00 shipping)

This edited volume consists of 25 chapters by women of color from diverse backgrounds. Some of the chapters are theoretical, others are intensely personal. All of the chapters touch upon issues of race, discrimination and the continuing struggle for social justice.

Table of Contents (PDF file)


The Queer Community:
Continuing the Struggle for Social Justice

Edited By Richard Greggory Johnson III
University of Vermont
ISBN: 978-0-9724419-4-0
Published April 2009
Price: $20.00 (+ $4.00 shipping)

Each of the fourteen chapters in this collection tells a different story of the queer community’s ongoing struggle for social justice. This book is ideally suited for courses that deal with sexual orientation, empowerment, and discrimination.

Table of Contents (PDF file)